Come for the bits, stay for the education.

We create 3D models of human genitals with the aim to:

  • break taboos
  • educate at a global level
  • improve body self-image for all users

We aim to enable educators to do the same by making the 3D models freely available for viewing online and for downloading and printing under the CC0 license.

Our photographer takes photos of volunteers and processes these photos to produce 3D models of their genitals and other body parts. These 3D models are freely available for viewing on this site and for downloading so that you may print them on your own 3D printer.

There is a lack of educational material that shows the diversity of our bodies and pornography is often used to poorly fill these gaps.

However, pornography doesn't have a lot of diversity, and we feel that many people have no idea whether their own genitals look normal. We hope to show that there is no normal and that we are all beautiful.

We have 129 models of vulvas, penises, breasts, full body and partial body scans. All of our models are between 19 and 59 years old and span a wide range of ages, body types and countries of origin. We've carefully curated all the metadata of our models and are releasing the public information while carefully protecting the private information. We never reveal the identity of our models and this information does not exist online at all.

We suggest that you to start with our exhibits for the best introduction to this site, or browse our models online, download the 3D solids for printing or order a print online. You may also download the surfaces and use them in your own 3D modeling projects.

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We hope that you will find our site educational!

Our illustrated guide to human sexual anatomy

If any of the terminology presented on this site is confusing to you, we have an illustrated guide to human sexual anatomy to help guide you through the various concepts:

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