Our Company

We Are Beautiful is a project by Quatsch und Unfug ÖU, incorporated in Talinn, Estonia.

We encourage you to google our company name. :)

Given that our main site is quite serious and not suited for much humor, we've decided to give our company a humorous name and not take ourselves too seriously.

About Quatsch und Unfug

Quatsch und Unfug ÖU is a for-profit company that is run as a non-profit company. We would much prefer to have a non-profit company, because this reflects our values for this project. However, setting up non-profits is hard and expensive, so we started the easy way by becoming digital e-residents of Estonia and remotely starting a company there.

Prior to forming the company and up to our launch, we were 100% self-funded with every expense coming from our own pockets. We hope to continue operating the site and to create more models with your support. We promise to be responsible and tranparent with your support payments! If someone feels strongly that we should be a non-profit and would like to sponsor this change (estimated cost about €5,000), please contact us.

We plan to only raise enough funds to cover our costs for operating the site, creating 3D models and providing us with the tools to do this. We will never take dividends or otherwise profit from operating this site.

However, the following activities do incur costs: Taking pictures of human models, signing modeling release contracts, making 3D models, providing human models with one printed 3D model of their own genitalia (as a thank you) and many other small costs. We are also constantly investing in technology to create models of inceasing complexity and with greater resolution. In the future we hope to travel to countries where we can scan people who are not well represented on this site.

If you appreciate what we do with this site, we would appreciate a small support payment. Since we are a for profit company functioning as a non-profit, we cannot really call them donations. Also, these payments are not tax deductible. But they are like donations in that you get nothing in return for them, except our undying eternal gratitude. \ø/

Finally, once we start generating some support payments, we will start posting a public statement of our accounts so that you may see how your support payments are being spent. Transparency is almost as important to us as our model's privacy.