The privacy and security of our volunteer models are our utmost priority.

A word of caution

One word of caution to our users who might be inclined to try and find out the identity of a model: Don't do it.

The act of asking a person who you know to have participated in this project is a violation of their privacy. Do not do this! And should you ignore this rule and do so anyway, don't be suprised by the answer you get. We're certain you won't like it. Please, be respectful!

All the details

Each of our models must sign our model release contract, that spells out clearly what the model's rights and the company's obligations are. If you're curious about the details, click the link above and read the contract yourself.

The key points in the contract:

  • The model has the right to rescind their permission for us to publish their models or to stop participating in the project at any time.
  • The company ensures that the privacy of the model is not violated and that the model's identity is not revealed by the company.
  • The company will not store information that could identify the model online. Our servers will not contain this information and the model release contracts will never be digitized. The contracts are on paper only, stored in a secure location in Switzerland.
  • The company will provide at least one printed 3D model to each of our human models, but we will not otherwise pay our models. (We the founders are not getting paid and have covered all founding costs ourselves.)

The photos that are taken of the model have a limited life span; we are obligated to destroy our copies of the photos once this period has expired. We will not keep any of the original photos after this deadline.

We will keep the raw 3D models that we have generated from the photos offline and will store them as long as we retain permission from the model. Having access to the raw 3D models allows us to fix mistakes that we may find later and perhaps improve the quality of the models later in time.

Once we have finished the final models we will release the models online under the Creative Commons CC0 dedication, which rescinds all copyright over the models and places them into the public domain. Once the model files are released and users have downloaded them, it is impossible to take the models back from the public. We've made this clear to our human models when signing the contract. However, models can rescind the permission for us to host the models on our site and for us to retain the raw 3D models.

Also, we're compliant with the GDPR. The only personally identifying data we have for our models is secured offline and will never be online. The exact method by which we process the user's data and the process for how to rescind permission is laid out in the model release contract. Our site does not use cookies (Stripe, our payment processor uses one cookie if you support us!), nor do we require logins/registration to download the models. We do not want your private information! Our servers will log and retain your IP address for up to one week and then discard it. We only store IP addresses for a week in order to help troubleshoot issues with our traffic and/or our servers. Your IP addresses will never be sold or shared with anyone.